Hi, we are Melissa & Gary.

Melissa spotted a vintage Pentax K1000 film camera with stock lenses and dropped 20$. Melissa, who basically was birthed with a camera in hand, showed Gary the mechanics of the camera and let him fall in love with the powerful shutter click. Days of anticipation followed in waiting for the film to be developed, and Melissa picked up the prints and was surprised to find some with some actual potential. Instead of drawing up business plans, we became students of our cameras and discovered a passion for capturing the natural beauty, especially in people and their stories, around us. After enjoying a few casual shoots with old friends, someone asked how much we would charge to do a wedding. What!? We prayed that God would open a door if this was something that He wanted us to pursue as a career or close it if it’s not meant to be. Years later, we are so thrilled that we walked through that door. Helping couples tell the story of their wedding day is wonderful, but this business has blessed us with so many relationships with wonderful people and we are eternally grateful for our brides and grooms that have made our dream a career.

Photo by Lang Thomas Photography

Meet Melissa

I am married to Gary, my better half. Our daughters, Nora Mae and Ava Lynn, brings new surprises for me each day. I truly love my family. My passion for documenting the beauty around me began at a fairly young age when my parents bought me a light pink Kodak point and shoot. It progressed in high school as I learned to appreciate the art while taking a film photography class. The Lord had different plans for what I thought would only be a hobby. He gave me a passion for telling stories with my camera and helping love become an image. I’m extremely sentimental and have been known to keep ticket stubs, old birthday cards, and random notes from my friends that I’ve had since elementary school. I believe in writing down appointments in my spiral bound planner and love crossing things off my to-do list. I’m a huge fan of peonies, Gilmore Girls, blankets, candles, shoes, reconnecting, pretty journals, Target, and being cozy.

Meet Gary

As a man with too many passions, there are only a few that have stood the test of time. I’ve been walking (often limping) with the Lord since 2010, but He is my reason. Melissa and I married in 2014 while we were finishing up college. I married WAY up. She is my best friend and the only one that laughs at my jokes. When we were dating, Melissa bought me a vintage 35mm film camera at a garage sale not knowing that it would significantly altar my career path. It was easily the best 20$ we’ve ever spent. Our littles Nora Mae and Ava Lynn have taught me so, so much about true peace and joy. Their smiles are lighting up a face near you. Beyond my family, I love coffee, baseball, Parks and Recreation, resting, my pipe, a great porch, bourbon, the outdoors, and football (obvi). Lastly, I love people—meeting them, hearing their stories, asking questions, and hanging out with them. It’s easily the best part of our job.