Preserving your legacy

We love freezing the in-between moments in time! The way you smile when he holds you tight. The funny face he makes when he hops on the dance floor. The look your mom makes when she sees you in your white dress. Through the lens of our camera, our goal is to tell your story so that your future children (and maybe their children) will be able to relive and experience who you were on your big day.

Offering a heartfelt experience

As we navigate the big day, it’s always done with an eye for who you will be as one. We always begin by asking your story: how you met, who made the first move, how he asked. You deserve a photographer that helps you feel understood—as a person and as a couple. Images that tell the truth will follow. We'll cry together, dine together, drink together, laugh (mostly laugh) together. And when you're back from your honeymoon, photos in hand, we'll ask when you're free for dinner.

Capturing you as you are

You've seen the photo. The one that seems to tell the whole story - all of the emotion, love, thick and thin. It takes someone behind the camera that is determined to capture the truth within your relationship. Someone that commands trust. Our best shoots begin with leading couples through posing techniques and helping them get comfortable. They end with couples being so used to the process that they need little-to-no coaching. They’re just being themselves. The final product is a collection that makes you hear what was true in the moment - his genuine laugh, her sweet 'I love you's...

More than photographers

There is no professional bride, but if there was, she would know to lean on her professionals and friends. Lean on our Bridal Guide – a photography-minded magazine prepared by us that will prepare you to design a timeline that is friendly to your bridal party, family, and yourselves. And – if there's still questions – we'll meet in person multiple times throughout your engagement and are always just an email away. We're great resources for questions about vendors, wedding day timelines, what to wear, venues etc.

Think: Timeless, Genuine, Raw

and you'll be caught on film.

It'll never go out of style. It's not trendy. It's true to the actual lighting and color. It requires more care. It forces us to slow down and to focus (literally and figuratively). It'll probably impress your grandparents. And maybe even your grandchildren in 50 years.

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Chelsea & Austin

They were able to demonstrate every shot since they are a couple which made taking picture less awkward. Melissa and Gary gave 110% to give us the top quality of their photography skills and made each moment with them personable to us.

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